About Me

I am a mental health counselor with 28 years of experience in private practice. I have worked with individuals on a wide variety of issues that include relational and developmental trauma, depression, panic, anxiety, trauma and recovery, relationship difficulties, work related issues, generalized stress, life transitions, grief and loss, issues of creativity, meaning and spirituality.

After completing my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle, I began my counseling career in 1990 working in Community Mental Health with young children and at-risk adolescents who had a history of developmental trauma and attachment related issues. I also provided Family Reconciliation Services, an in-home crisis counseling program for youth at-risk and families in crisis. The focus was crisis management for runaway teens, building on family strengths while teaching problem solving skills to be used in managing family conflict and crisis. In addition, I was part of a Psychiatric Assessment Team and acted as a liaison to community resources. It was in my 7th year of practice that I left community mental health and went full-time into private practice working with individuals on a wide variety of presenting issues that include relational and developmental trauma, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, relationship difficulties, poor esteem, stress related illnesses, work related issues, difficulties with communication and conflict resolution, loss and grief and making sense of life transitions, issues of creativity, meaning making and spirituality. In addition, I offered small groups as well as 1:1 coaching in mindfulness practices and qigong for stress reduction.