My Approach

I hold the belief in my clients innate capacity to heal, to move beyond self imposed limitations and to find their own wellspring of resiliency. Most of us are shaped by a deep desire to be known, seen and recognized. Yet this same desire for connection can simultaneously be our deepest fear. Loss, divorce, early trauma and neglect, work difficulties, relationship struggles can cause us to lose sight of what is possible.

Through compassion and dialogue I work with you to address your present concerns as well as your desires for healing and change. The work honors your strengths and respects your vulnerabilities. We will work from the present moment with the patterns that get in your way of feeling more connected to yourself and others.

My approach to our work together is tailored made for your needs, goals and healing. Having said that I draw from various models that include Psychodynamic, Attachment and Developmental theories, Mindfulness, which includes elements of Somatic Mindfulness (bottom up/body to brain) and Mindful Awareness (top down/brain to body) therapy as well as a non western orientation to the nature of identity. I have also been trained in other trauma resolution therapies such as EMDR and LifeSpan Integration.